Katharine Holmes, Senior Brand Advocate

Social Media Advocacy

Katharine Holmes has twenty years’ experience in marketing and communications and she’s seen how social media has changed how we do both.

Katharine Holmes, Senior Brand Advocate & Owner VisualizeSocial
Photo by: William Ng

Through VisualizeSocial, Katharine works as a brand advocate and social media community manager for her client organizations, representing them on social platforms, and executing their social strategies.

Katharine is proud to be part of Victoria’s vibrant social media community which she has seen grow exponentially in the past several years. As one of the early adopters of social media in Victoria, BC, Katharine has been heavily involved with several social media centric events, the most high-profile being Social Media Camp Victoria: which is Canada's largest social media conference.

Katharine is the community manager of these Victoria companies and organizations:

VIATEC Technology Awards: Live-tweeted the 2014 and 2015 Awards Ceremonies as part of VIATEC's Social Media Team.

Social Media Camp Victoria: As Community Manager and Social Media Curator, Katharine engages and connects with both speakers and attendees before, during, and after this annual event through Facebook and Twitter.


A graduate of the Graphic Design program at Malaspina University-College (now Vancouver Island University), Katharine has seen first-hand the transition from traditional to digital media. Her career began as a self-employed graphic and web designer as Senior Creative at IdeaZone for 11 years. When the company was sold in 2011, social media had really taken off, and she developed a love for its interactivity and sense of community.

“Social media isn’t just for corporate promotion – it can also be used as a means to help others. Through Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Club, I became one of several advocates for Cadbury Chocolates’ Bicycle Factory, which builds bicycles for children in Ghana, so they can get to school.

It’s so rewarding to know that I helped to positively impact people’s lives, and that children will get a better education that they would have otherwise because of something I did.”

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